Clinical asset management leader TRIMEDX announces launch of Vigilor, an expansion of its medical device cybersecurity solution as independent services to all health systems

Vigilor from TRIMEDX delivers powerful, practical cybersecurity solutions 

INDIANAPOLIS — July 26, 2023 — TRIMEDX―an industry-leading, independent clinical asset management company delivering clinical engineering services, clinical asset informatics, and medical device cybersecurity―announced the launch of Vigilor, independent cybersecurity services available to all health systems. Vigilor from TRIMEDX is a comprehensive closed-loop medical device cybersecurity program working with health systems’ existing clinical engineering, biomed, and IT security teams, as well as technology and processes. This allows healthcare organizations of any cybersecurity maturity to establish a comprehensive device cybersecurity program no matter where they’re starting and to minimize risk & positively impact patient safety. 

Health systems are facing unprecedented challenges. Staffing shortages, increased labor and supply costs, declining margins, and increasing cyberattacks as well as new & evolving regulations and legislation are all putting more pressure on healthcare organizations and dividing the attention of leaders and associates. The drastic financial, operational, and safety consequences of cyberattacks against health systems mean that healthcare organizations need an ever more serious and urgent prioritization of their cybersecurity programs.  

“Cybersecurity insurance premiums have risen over 103% in the last year, with breaches costing healthcare organizations on average over $10M,” says Scott Trevino, senior vice president of cybersecurity. “It is more important than ever for health systems to improve their overall cyber-risk posture to ensure patient safety and reduce exposure to operational and financial risk.” 

With Vigilor from TRIMEDX, health systems can take advantage of decades of medical device expertise, best practice processes, and informatics technologies to assess risk, identify top cybersecurity priorities, and carry out risk management strategies. Health systems will receive increased resources at their disposal to increase visibility and prioritize action with Vigilor’s cybersecurity platform and dedicated full-time cyber support specialists. 

With inventory inaccuracies as high as 40% in hospitals, an accurate inventory assessment is needed to build the foundations of a strong cybersecurity program. With Vigilor from TRIMEDX, health systems can establish full visibility of network-capable medical device inventory and improve inventory accuracy up to 95% or more.  

“Vigilor addresses the foundation of health systems’ cybersecurity program with an in-depth current state assessment,” says Doug Folsom, chief technology officer and president of cybersecurity. “This evaluates the inventory, provides an assessment of the organization’s NIST maturity & score, and gives actionable recommendations for improvement of the health system’s cybersecurity risk posture.” 

Medical devices require constant vigilance to identify vulnerabilities, assess risk, and carry out appropriate remediation. With Vigilor, health systems have dedicated cyber support specialists to monitor a health system’s cybersecurity program and provide prioritized & actionable steps to carry out critical work & remediations necessary to maintain a health system’s cyber-risk posture. Actionable recommendations are provided to improve a healthcare organization’s overall risk posture. With robust OEM and supply chain relationships, these recommendations come from an actively monitored and updated proprietary content library that is curated with the most expansive and up-to-date information on medical device vulnerabilities, patches, and compensating controls covering over 90% of all medical devices.  

“With the constantly evolving nature of cybersecurity, including the discovery of new vulnerabilities and the development of new attack tactics by cybercriminals, it is important for healthcare organizations to stay up to date and proactively address potential threats,” says TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel. “Vigilor offers a comprehensive solution with the right people, processes, and technology to help healthcare organizations stay current and ahead of cyberthreats in this rapidly changing environment.” 

With Vigilor’s closed-loop cybersecurity program, health systems can confidently monitor risk before and after executing cybersecurity projects for true continuous improvement of a health system’s risk posture. 

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TRIMEDX is an industry-leading, independent clinical asset management company in the United States delivering comprehensive clinical engineering services, clinical asset informatics, and medical device cybersecurity. We help healthcare providers transform their clinical assets into strategic tools, driving reductions in operational expenses, optimizing clinical asset capital spend, maximizing resources for patient care, and delivering improved safety and protection. TRIMEDX was built by providers, for providers, and leverages a history of expert clinical engineering with data on 92% of all active medical device models. 

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