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Designed to provide healthcare cybersecurity solutions for your most critical resources

Medical devices are essential to advancing high-quality patient care and outcomes, and they are increasingly relying on network connectivity to enable operational efficiencies. Effectively managing and reducing risk to both technology and patient safety requires a healthcare cybersecurity system that can address these vital assets.

Vigilor from TRIMEDX draws on decades of experience in managing and maintaining medical devices while prioritizing patient safety and provider access. We combine that expertise with the most extensive knowledge in the industry on medical device cybersecurity, including vulnerabilities, patches, and risk assessment.

Seamless integration with your cybersecurity and clinical engineering operations

Integrate Vigilor with your Medical Device Security Platforms for real-time monitoring and anomaly detection with artificial intelligence (AI). Visibility to connected medical devices for detection of network anomalies allows you to focus resources on genuine, credible threats to your system. With Vigilor, you can bridge the people, processes, and technology that drive your clinical engineering and cybersecurity services, enhancing the efficiency of both vital operations.

Streamline remediation workflows by integrating with your CMMS or ticketing system. Automate work order creation into a centralized ticketing system to ensure timely response and remediation of known threats.


Unparalleled industry data for maximizing visibility and driving decisive action

Vigilor utilizes an industry-leading cyber content library—with 70 sources monitored—that includes vulnerabilities, available patches, work instructions, and best practices. With data from over two million current medical devices under management, health systems can identify and remediate risk faster and more accurately than ever.


Dynamic risk scoring

Quantitative risk assessments that update with remediations and new vulnerabilities help you prioritize cyber projects based on the real risk and effort for each device and track the impact of your cybersecurity strategy.

Validated patch management

Centralized experts conduct ongoing research on vulnerabilities, OEM-validated patches, and compensating controls.

Vendor and OEM management

Vigilor collaborates with OEMs to identify and apply OEM-validated updates, patches, or other compensating controls to minimize disruption to your workflow and patient care.

Resource guide

Learn how to protect your medical devices by combining industry-leading cybersecurity technology, data, and expertise with Vigilor.

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Part of Vigilor’s commitment to excellence is making sure our solutions and operations meet the highest standards in the industry. Vigilor capitalizes on the process efficiencies developed as part of the TRIMEDX Quality Management System. TRIMEDX has been awarded ISO certifications in medical device quality management and information. We are also SOC 2 Type 2 certified and compliant, having demonstrated the strength of our security protocols for protecting our clients’ data.

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