Medical device cybersecurity training, expertise, and processes

Protect your medical device inventory with cybersecurity expertise, certified processes, and healthcare cybersecurity training, powered by Vigilor from TRIMEDX.

Vigilor from TRIMEDX combines industry-leading technology, knowledge, and data with cybersecurity expertise to protect your medical devices from cybersecurity threats while also helping to reduce patient safety risks.

Inventory reconciliation

Security begins with visibility. The Vigilor process begins with a cyber current state assessment to ensure that inventory accuracy, risk scoring, device profiles, and vulnerability management plans reflect the full picture of a health system's potentially vulnerable cyberattack surface.


Cybersecurity program maturity

Vigilor helps you establish a device cybersecurity program no matter where you’re starting. Whether you need to improve inventory accuracy, better understand your organization’s risk posture, or upskill your existing team, Vigilor provides the hands-on support and practical experience to build a stronger cybersecurity program.

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Vulnerability and risk prioritization

Vigilor offers a Dynamic Risk Score for each device, which considers vulnerability mitigation status, device details, and device connectivity. This allows you to prioritize cyber projects based on the evolving risk associated with each device, providing a more accurate assessment of your cybersecurity efforts. The Dynamic Risk Score is built upon decades of experience managing all levels of risk criticality for medical devices to keep patients safe and health systems operating smoothly.

If your network is breached, we can help you take fast action to secure exposed technology and critical vulnerabilities. Our Cyber Action Teams can be deployed to aid in rapid incident response, inventory reconciliation, and remediation activities.



Asset management

Standardize collecting and maintaining organizational knowledge to manage systems, assets, people, data, & capabilities



Determine roles, responsibilities, and procedures for response to and resolution of detected cybersecurity events


Anomaly detection and continuous monitoring

Establish reliable systems and technologies to quickly identify cybersecurity events


Response planning and mitigation

Develop processes to address threats as soon as they are detected


Recovery planning and communication

Prepare teams and technology resources to improve times to restore services impaired by a cyberthreat


Risk management through consistency

Establish and follow clear, quantifiable criteria for assessing, prioritizing, and remediating cybersecurity risks

Healthcare cybersecurity training

With Vigilor, you have access to unique training that covers tactical and strategic aspects of medical device cybersecurity, bridging both clinical engineering services and broader cybersecurity. From TRIMEDX data and insights to partnerships for certification-level training, Vigilor ensures that your team and our experts supporting you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage cybersecurity in healthcare.

Ready to take control of your medical device cybersecurity?

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