Closed-loop medical device cybersecurity

Protect your medical devices from cyberthreats and safeguard patient safety with Vigilor from TRIMEDX, the comprehensive closed-loop medical device cybersecurity program.

Actionable, trackable medical device cybersecurity

Vigilor’s closed-loop risk assessment and remediation strategies adapt to your health system’s unique needs, providing unparalleled visibility to your connected medical device inventory. With our centralized support teams of cyber analysts, proprietary content library, and industry-leading technology incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), you can prioritize cyber projects based on the real risk to your patients, operations, and reputation for each device.

Vigilor's Cyber Action Team provides onsite support to act on remediations, patching, inventory reconciliation, incident response, training, and additional professional services. Our Cyber Action Team has unparalleled expertise and experience across clinical engineering and cybersecurity for medical devices.

Conquer the most pressing challenges in medical device cybersecurity

  • Healthcare systems facing 86% more cyberattacks per week year over year1
  • >50% of connectable medical devices have known critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited 2
  • Each breach costs healthcare systems $10M+ in damages on average, and network-connected medical devices continue to grow in all healthcare systems3
  • Medical device inventory inaccuracies are as high as 40%4

Vigilor combines industry-leading technology, data, process, and expertise to protect your medical devices from cybersecurity threats and help reduce patient safety risks.

Case study

Vigilor helps health system improve medical device cybersecurity program

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Technology and data

Health systems can maximize their visibility of medical device cybersecurity risk with Vigilor as well as significantly improve device inventory accuracy. Real-time IoMT monitoring with AI, and dynamic risk scoring inform a unique profile for every one of your connected medical devices that you can rely on. Build an efficient and transparent medical device cybersecurity program with Vigilor’s easy integration into your existing cybersecurity platforms and your clinical engineering CMMS.

With the industry’s most comprehensive proprietary library of vulnerabilities and associated patches and compensating controls built from over 70 continually monitored sources and through established relationships with medical device OEMs, you can have confidence in the risk assessments you use to drive remediation of your top cyber priorities.

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Expertise, process, and training

Vigilor draws on TRIMEDX’s decades of clinical asset management experience to take the guesswork and confusion out of medical device cybersecurity. We begin every partnership with the crucial step of reconciling device inventories to build a stronger foundation for identifying risk. Our unparalleled OEM relationship management reduces the burden on your staff and ensures prompt, up-to-date information on vulnerabilities and patching. When validated patches are unavailable for connected devices, Vigilor’s experts can provide you with strategic insights to find new methods for reducing risk. And we equip our cyber analysts and your team with the training to carry out remediation strategies that measurably improve risk posture.

Our closed-loop methodology for assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risk is based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework and HIPAA requirements to maximize efficiency for your organization and protections for your patients. With ISO certified business processes, you can rest assured that Vigilor will always prioritize security and safety while helping to root out risk in your medical device inventory and help improve your cybersecurity processes and overall program.

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