Identify and secure your medical device cybersecurity risks

With more network-connected technology, higher costs from data breaches, and increasing frequency of attacks, health systems need to prioritize staying ahead of cyberattacks before they happen. Vigilor from TRIMEDX combines industry-leading technology, knowledge, and data with cybersecurity expertise to protect your medical devices from cybersecurity threats and reduce patient safety risks.

Cyberattacks are an unprecedented challenge to health care

Staffing shortages, increased labor & supply costs, and declining margins are threatening health systems’ ability to respond to the growing threat of cyberattacks. The costs of these breaches are staggering, and once an attacker infiltrates your network it could be too late to stop serious threats to patient safety and your organization’s long-term reputation. With growing inventories of connected medical devices creating larger potential attack surfaces for cybercriminals, your inventory requires more vigilance and faster action than ever.

Increasing attacks

0 %
more healthcare cyberattacks per week year over year1

Extensive vulnerabilities

> 0 %
of connectable medical devices have known critical vulnerabilities2

Crippling costs

$ 0 M+

Each breach costs health systems $10M+ in damages on average3

Combining medical device and cybersecurity expertise

With Vigilor, you can build a mature and comprehensive cybersecurity program and strengthen your organization’s risk posture with better visibility of medical device vulnerabilities and actionable remediation plans.

  • Drive continuous improvement with closed-loop remediation and risk assessment
  • Decrease time to detect and respond quickly to threats and vulnerabilities with real-time device monitoring
  • Build an informed remediation strategy with data from the industry's most comprehensive library of medical device vulnerabilities and validated patches
  • Strengthening connections between Clinical Engineering and IT

By partnering with Vigilor, you can take advantage of decades of medical device expertise, unparalleled industry data, and best-in-class processes to achieve real, trackable reductions in cybersecurity risk.

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